Roanoke Valley Association of Christian Home Schools
 RVACHS would like to welcome you to our site.    We are a Christian Home School group. Located near Lake Gaston serving both sides of the border, Virginia and North Carolina. We are near Littleton and surrounding counties on the North Carolina side and Mecklenburg/Brunswick County on the Virginia side. The group was originally started about 20 years ago by our President and her husband. Our home school group tries to meet on a weekly basis from Sept to June during a traditional school year. We do most of those meetings at Lake Gaston Baptist Church. We offer not only play-game time but also fellowship for the parents. We are a community of like minded believers trying to give our children the best education we can.     Some of the other things we offer are group testing at a lower cost per student, two or more field trips a year, a bi-monthly newsletter during the school year, a field day of crazy events to delight you and your child(ren), a graduation ceremony for our seniors, and time for awards for the younger kids. We also schedule bowling and indoor swimming outings.    We also offer guidance and help with home schooling issues to the best of our abilities. We happily give help where we can. We expect new members to glean what they can from those of us who have "been around awhile" in the home schooling arena. And to share what they have learned on their journey called home schooling. Requirements to join our group are as follows: In the membership packet you will find the following items: A copy of our By-laws and Rules of Dress and Conduct. A second copy of Rules of Dress and Conduct that is to be signed and returned with the application. The application which is to be read and filled out. It includes a statement of faith, job listings, and a survey. A copy of our liability waiver for safety issues for the group and the individual families. We have a membership fee of $15 a year for first time joiners and for early bird sign-up. Otherwise the membership fee is $25 a year. If you have any questions or wish to join our group please email us rvachs@gmail.com Someone will answer your questions as quickly as possible. If you want to talk to someone in person please email us with your name, number, and a good time to call you and someone will call and chat with you.

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